Anti-wrinkle and cosmetic injection treatments from your dentist

Injection treatments in dentistry

Injection treatments are used in dentistry to improve “gummy smiles” and to treat muscle and jaw disorders.  The scope of injection treatments has now broadened to include anti-wrinkle and lip enhancement treatments.  Dr Simone Lansell is able to offer treatments that seek to improve the overall facial aesthetic and complete a dental cosmetic makeover.

Treatment areas

Such treatments include:

•               Anti-wrinkle injections/treatments for the lips and face,

•               Lip enhancement.

•               Volume loss/correction.

Dendy Village Dental aims to promote a realistic understanding of what is achievable with cosmetic injections as well as providing complete transparency over the costs involved.  

Our philosophy is not to push treatments, but to listen to our patients and discuss with them the potential to achieve a desired result.  If you wish to find out more about cosmetic injections from Dr Lansell, phone the clinic on (03) 9592 0583 and express your interest.  We welcome your inquiry.