Are you forgetting something from the back to school list?

If your child will play a contact sport at school then it’s time to look at custom made mouthguards to help protect their gorgeous smile.

A custom made mouthguard provides a superior fit for better protection. There are also a number of fun colour customisations available to add the finishing touch.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Call Dendy Village Dental today to discuss how easy the process is. Phone 9592 0583.

Australia Day 2018

Have a lovely Australia Day tomorrow. The team at Dendy Village Dental will be taking the day off too, but we'll be back at work on Saturday as usual. Enjoy!

Check your health fund benefits

There’s a lot of good things to do at the start of a new year. But one task that sometimes gets squeezed off the list is to check what your health insurance policy is offering you in 2018.

Sometimes health funds change the inclusions or limits on a policy at the start of a new health fund year and it’s easy to miss this important information when life is busy (or the print is very tiny!)

Dentists and the dental reception team don’t have transparency across your individual health insurance policy so the only way to find out what’s covered is to have a direct conversation with your health fund. You may even be covered for MORE than you thought – Now that’s a nice start to the year!

Start 2018 knowing exactly what your health fund can do for you. Give them a call before your dental appointment and keep smiling.