Have you been putting off your child’s dental visit?

 Our skilled team can help make your child’s dental visit simple. We love identifying any potential problems early so that they don’t turn into bigger problems. Decay, over-retained baby teeth, misaligned jaws, enamel defects, thumb-sucking concerns and crowded teeth are just some of the issues that can impact a child’s beautiful smile.

Our team has helped lots of nervous children feel confident and comfortable about their teeth (as well as nervous parents!) So don’t delay, book an appointment at Dendy Village Dental on 9592 0583.

Easter hours

The Dendy Village Dental team are taking a break from Good Friday right through to Easter Monday. We wish all our patients and their families a wonderful holiday break. Don't forget to brush after all that chocolate! ;)

We'll be back to business as usual from Tuesday 3rd of April.

If you happen to have a dental emergency on a public holiday, please be aware that our sister clinic MC Dental has a clinic open in Melbourne. Visit www.mcdental.com.au for details.

Don’t forget to smile on World Oral Health Day

20th March is World Oral Health Day and this year we’re highlighting the connection between the health of your mouth and the rest of your body. It’s never too late to start looking after your mouth – or too early! Young, old and “somewhere in the middle” can all take steps to help their mouths stay healthy.

And it’s not just about a nice smile -Gums, diet and care routine all play a role in oral health.

Your Dendy Village dentist has a front-seat view into early detection of potential issues and is also a great source of tips, not to mention encouragement, for adopting good habits.

So feel GOOD about your next trip to Dendy Village Dental. It’s part of your health care routine that your whole body can thank you for.