Care Philosophy

At Dendy Village Dental we genuinely care for your health and wellbeing.  We continually review our patient approach to ensure that your needs are taken into account.  We appreciate that not everyone anticipates a visit to the dentist and do our best to make you feel comfortable and confident in your level of care.


We don't have hidden costs or unexpected fees.  Before treatment commences each component of cost is outlined for both your understanding and consent. 

If you are a member of a health fund you are likely to receive some or all of the cost rebated instantly through our onsite Hicaps machine when you attend to your invoice.  We are unable to access details on each patient's specific policy to advise exactly how much your health fund will cover, however you can refer to your policy or contact your health fund for a firm idea of how much they will cover.

Costing over the phone

Where possible we are happy to provide specific costing of our treatments over the phone.  The cost of some treatments, such as fillings, depends on the size of the filling required.  In this case we can advise a price range so that you know the maximum amount.  Once the dentist has examined your teeth you will be advised of an exact price prior to treatment going ahead.